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Nikoletta Király

 Nikoletta Király was born in Debrecen, Hungary. Her drawing talent was recognised at a very early age. She moved near Lake Balaton with her family in her elementary school years and finished her high school education in Keszthely. During these years she became the student of the painter Eörs Dókus, who started her on the rocky journey of oil painting. She has been working independently for over 15 years. The artist would like to bring back, simple joy, simple smiles on to people's faces, She has had several exhibitions in Budapest and in Hévíz, Keszthely, Söjtör, Székesfehérvár, Bábolna, Tiszaalpár and Ócsa. She has been a participant of Hungarian artist group residencies for many years, at which she especially likes to paint outdoors. Nikoletta currently lives in Héviz.


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